Bike Spikes

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, not even fabled bike handlers like Alberto Contador or Vincenzo Nibali could stay upright. We are of course referring to that time in your cycling life when caution is thrown most defiantly to the wind, and you decide, without rhyme or reason, to plough straight onto a frozen pond.

Of course, you crash, pick yourself up, and leave the pond for another day. A better day. Next time those ducks won't laugh, you'll make them pay the Iron Price (Game of Thrones in-joke, we don't recommend killing ducks). Next time, you'll be equipped with Bike Spikes from young Dutch designer Cesar van Rongen!

A cunning device on the cusp of entering production, the Bike Spikes wrap around your existing tyres, clip in place, and leave you free to ride the aforementioned pond, upright, balanced and very nearly gracious. The worm has turned duck friends! Devastatingly simple, the Bike Spikes are in actuality rubber casings fitted with gripping metal teeth that would fit most city / touring bikes, although perhaps not small clearance road bikes - have to ask Cesar about that. Fully able to traverse the worst winter can throw at you, they can also tackle asphalt without much ado, although like wet tyres in Formula 1, you'll be hunting for the slippery stuff after too long off the ice.


Bike Spikes close up


Bike Spikes near the Mud Guard


Bike with Bike Spikes front & back

Useful links:

Home page of designer Cesar van Rongen

Vimeo video of the Bike Spikes in action

January 21, 2013

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